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"JLG Interns Pilot Cross Cultural Training Program"

Posted by Sean on Nov 28, 2012 5:38:55 AM featured a story on JLG, a global construction company, who have provided access to RW3's CultureWizard online learning platform as a part of their internship experience. Read more about the way cultural learning was a focus.

CultureWizard is an online training program that is designed to create awareness of the impact culture has on people’s values, beliefs, and behaviors. 'We see it as a way to help employees better understand cultures around the world, including social and business practices, so they can work together more effectively to serve our customers,' said Kannisto.

Michael Kannisto, Ph.D., is director of talent management and talent acquisition at JLG. Stephanie Song, an intern from China, added the following:

The program also helps you learn about yourself, your personality and your own culture – why you do the things you do and how that knowledge can improve both your personal and your professional relationships with individuals from other countries.

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