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Posted by Adam on Nov 7, 2013 4:51:42 AM

Look: Life, work, travel, spouse, kids, ambition, boss, in-laws, bills… feeling stressed? Feeling concerned about being stressed? (And what modern businessperson isn’t?) Stress is a killer, after all, right? Well, it turns—and here’s the good news—stress isn’t a killer. Stress can actually be good for you! It’s actually our thoughts about stress that make stress stressful and dangerous. Great talk. Worth watching.

Listen: In a wonderful bit of cultural mash-up, Elvis is alive and well, singing and strumming in—Nairobi, Kenya. It’s a pure country music story – one continent removed. Small town boy, son of a minister, grew up listening to gospel music, sets off to see the world, lives in Norway, visits the US, then returns home to become Kenyan’s first country music star, in place with no country music! (And he’s really good, too!)

Read: Do you dread the weekly office meeting? Or maybe you’re tasked with organizing it? Either way, here’s a great little primer on rethinking and reinvigorating that perfunctory weekly obligation and maximizing your your team’s time and productivity.

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